lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

radiantplantlife:Creamy ‘Coco Choco’ Smoothie bowl 🍦🍫🍨🌿 is what...


Creamy ‘Coco Choco’ Smoothie bowl 🍦🍫🍨🌿 is what breaky looked like! 👌🏼 I used yesterday’s left over chocolately nicecream to top it off. Plus dehydrated banana chips + energy rawnola bliss balls are literally the perfect combo of crunchy and chewy toppings! (This clean and delich smoothie bowl recipe can be found in my new released ebook, which is live! I’ll make an official post about it soon!) Cheers! 😊 And have a beautiful productive week! 🌿✨ #radplantlife #dineandthrive

from Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Food
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