domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

oatflake:Here i am kingdom! I noticed that i lost loads of...


Here i am kingdom! I noticed that i lost loads of followers.. that’s very sad, for them ;) because i’m back with new amazing recipes and, since i’m studying to be a beauty therapist and i’m almost qualified, i will talk about body and skin care, giving all the advice you need. We all know that nutrition is fundamental for our wellness. My blog is going to grow after this long break, in which i had the time to ponder over my state of health and my eating disorder that recently it returned to annoy my soul so i take a decision, an important decision that many of you won’t appreciate, but i had to… it’s been hard but i’m not entirely vegetarian anymore, i mean i still eat mostly vegetarian but i reintroduced fish and seafood in my diet; you may be wondering why, well because it help my body to feel good, that’s why. i prefer not to talk too much about this topic because, as i already said, it’s hard for me but even nevessary… i’d like to have your support and if you can’t accept my decision you’re free to unfollow my blog (: That’s it! Now let’s talk about the fact that i became the queen of rice noodles ahahah, i don’t know if i cook better pancakes or rice noodles! Here’s part of my lunch: a bowl of rice noodles with sauteed vegetables, soy sprouts, chickpeas, ginger, sage, evo oil and soy sauce, heavenly!!!

from Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Food
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