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epicself: Mango Strawberry Swirl Nice Cream! 4 frozen bananas, 1...


Mango Strawberry Swirl Nice Cream! 4 frozen bananas, 1 large mango, 8 strawberries, and the meat of one coconut blended in a high speed blender. Nice cream is an awesome term used for vegan and raw ice creams. Instead of using dairy and sugar, plant based eaters use frozen bananas, or nuts like cashew and coconut as a base for delicious and easy icecreams. No ice cream maker needed. No animals harmed. No soy. No artificial colors or preservatives. No processed or raw sugar. I personally love banana based nice cream because it’s lower in fat and calories. Meaning I can eat it all the time with no guilt or worry about gaining weight. Whenever people try my nice cream they always ask what the sweetener is. The only sweet taste is from the fruit! It amazes me how many people think you need to add sugar to make things palatable and scrumptious. Natures perfect candy is fruit. I also can’t tell you how many nutrition clients of mine have used nice cream to ween themselves off processed sweets. Many of them say, “I couldn’t have kicked my sugar addiction without nice cream!” Eat it for breakfast, or any other meal for that matter. Eat it when you have a #snackattack and are craving any naughty candy, pasteries, donuts, cookies, cake, white pasta or breads. Your body is simply craving real nutrients and the same sugar high it’s been getting.

What flavor do you want to make today? Throw in a couple superfoods to kick it up a notch!

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