domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2016

elyse-lauthier: ✨🍋🍊VITAMIN C🍊🍋✨ one of the EASIEST nutrients to...


✨🍋🍊VITAMIN C🍊🍋✨ one of the EASIEST nutrients to get, yet also one of the most supplemented! Why?! Because it’s so crucial for our system! I could write a whole essay on how vitamin C boosts collagen production, skin elasticity, immunity, mineral absorption (preventing things like anaemia and bone degeneration depending on the cause), lowering blood pressure, reducing the duration of a cold by up to 70%! Etc etc… But why go spend money on supplements that aren’t even registered as real nutrients by your body?! Supplements lack fiber, natural bioflavonoids and the WATER content 💦 needed to allow your body to absorb! It’s so simple as having a couple (or 10 😏) pieces of fruit a day! Perfectly packaged by nature for your body to utilise ALL the nutrients ✨🌟 there’s my rant for the day 😌 this mornings smoothie was a whole bunch of citrus blended together, mandarin, orange + a little bit of lemon. 🍊 ps loving how my little monstera plant is growing, each day I notice new sprouts ☺️ its always been my fav plant, @bysaber inspired me to use it in my pics 🤗🌴💚

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