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letscookvegan: GALAXY SMOOTHIE BOWL by @feastingonfruit...


GALAXY SMOOTHIE BOWL by @feastingonfruit 馃挅

3 frozen bananas
½ cup plant milk
2 tbsp natural blue food coloring (recipe on my blog)
Blueberries for topping
Pitaya coconut sprinkles (also on the blog)

Blend the frozen bananas, plant milk, and 1 tbsp of blue coloring.
Transfer to a bowl. Pour the remaining 1 tbsp of blue on top and swirl gently.
Top with sprinkles, blueberries, and optional flowers. Enjoy! #LetsCookVegan

from Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Food http://beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood.tumblr.com/post/150409241889
from Tumblr http://0foodphotography.tumblr.com/post/150409698882

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