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linasaber: You guys! I’m excited to announce I’ve teamed up with...


You guys! I’m excited to announce I’ve teamed up with @Ford to bring you lots of delicious plant-based recipes! 🌿 Ford’s doing amazing things in the sustainability space while building their cars! 🌎 They’re using plant-based materials that would otherwise go to waste and migrating new renewable and recyclable materials into their vehicles. ♻ These Sticky Rice Paper Rolls feature the sustainable material rice hulls, which are a by-product of rice grains. 🍚 In 2014, Ford introduced a new composite material reinforced with rice hulls in the wire harness of the Ford F-150! 🚘 How amazing is that!

The Recipe:
Serves 2
14 rice paper wraps
For the Filling:
Mango, kiwifruits, strawberries, starfruit, blackberries, blueberries, prickly pear, dragon fruit and kumquats.
For the Rice:
1 cup of sticky rice
1 cup of coconut milk, canned
½ cup of water
2 Tbsp. of maple syrup
Pinch of sea salt
For the Chunky Peanut Sauce:
¼ cup of chunky peanut butter
½ lemon juice, squeezed
2 Tbsp. of coconut milk
1 Tbsp. maple syrup
1 Tsp. soy sauce
1 Tsp. fresh ginger, grated
Pinch of pink salt
1 garlic clove
How to make:
1. Rice: First rinse it well for 1 minute. Then all the rice ingredients in a pot, mix them together. Cook them on high heat until they come to a boil and then lower the heat to low, cover tightly with lid and cook for 20 minutes. Turn off heat and leave lid on for 5 extra mins.
2. Dip: Blitz all the listed dip ingredients in a food processor until chunky texture forms. Blend more to achieve a creamy texture. And add more coconut milk to make as light as desired.
3. Prepare your fruits: shred, slice and chop as you like. Feel free to add any fruits or veggies you like.
4. To make the wraps, fill a large bowl with hot water (not boiled) and completely dip your rice paper for 15 secs, until slightly soft. Remove it carefully and place on a dry surface.
5. Arrange your rice in the center and directly in front of it, arrange your fruits as you desire. (Get creative)
Roll it up, like a sushi roll or burrito, sealing the sides tightly. Dip and enjoy!
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