viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

thrivingonplants: @thrivingonplants takes over...


✨@thrivingonplants takes over @naturalrawc✨
🍉Watermelon juice with a twist🍉
Although watermelon is amazing on its own, blending it up with the addition of a few simple ingredients can add so much more flavour!
This is by far one of my favourite drink combos, SO REFRESHING! Perfect way to cool off during the heat 😍 (Although right now heat isn’t exactly an issue in Sydney 😐😭) Hahaha here’s the recipe:
✖️ Watermelon (fill up the blender ¾ of the way)
✖️1-2 passionfruit
✖️Juice of ½ lime
✖️1/2 cup of strawberries
✖️1 cup of @naturalrawc coconut water
Blend until smooth and strain for an even smoother consistency, enjoy 👌🏼
Thanks for tuning in everyone!!! Loved doing this takeover 😁
(In the meantime, 2 NEW YOUTUBE VIDS, link in bio🎥✨)

from Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Food
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