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Greek Bourekakia Mini Cheese Bread Rolls INGREDIENTS: -200g ...

Greek Bourekakia
Mini Cheese Bread Rolls

-200g Bread flour

-130g milk

-35g sugar

-½ tsp instant yeast

-1/8tsp salt

-25g butter
-300 g feta cheese
-200 g anthotyro cheese
-2 tbsp olive oil
- sesame 
, optional
-1 egg yolk +1tbsp milk

In a bowl mix cheeses and olive oil, set aside.
Mix all ingredients except butter in a mixing bowl, combine and knead till smooth
Add in butter, continue to knead till elastic and smooth dough. Keep aside to rise till double in size.

Divide the dough into 20g each and roll into small balls.
Take a small dough, use a rolling pin to flatten it, then close two ends and look like a cigarette then keep aside to rest for 10mins.
Take a dough, use hand to roll one end to shape it like a cone.
Use a rolling pin, roll it flat.
Place a tsp of cheese mixture at the bigger end, and start to roll like a swiss roll.
Place cheese rolls on a lined baking sheet.
Repeat the rest till finished.
Apply egg wash then sprinkle sesame seeds on top ( optional )
Bake at a pre-heated oven 170C - 340F , until golden.

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