viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

redefiningfood:Fit for a party: Mango Avocado stacked salad...


Fit for a party: Mango Avocado stacked salad topped with Cherry Tomatoes, shredded Green Papaya, Prawn and shredded Guinea Fowl [More Home] [More Healthy Food]

My mother has done a remarkable job of keeping herself busy since I’ve left, trying a range of new recipes from duck to guina fowl to skate’s wing. Yet she always has time to return to old classics, such as our favorite mango avocado salad, and reinvent them from the simple crab topping to include more delectable things. When she described the dish to me in excitement, she talked about the cherry tomatoes adding a layer of sweetness, and when the beautiful stacked salad was eaten with mustard olive oil vinaigrette, it tasted different yet deliciously familiar. To me, that’s the taste of home: fresh, fusion, Asian yet a cross-cultural contact zone all the same.

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